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What you get for $34.95

1) The Mind Power Seduction Kit

2) Free Website exactly like the one you are seeing now. Make $15 or 50% for every sale

3) Get instant payment for your sale, no need to wait till month end, no need to wait for monthly cheque. Every sale you make is pay directly to your paypal account not to ours so you get the money immediately for the sale you make.

Our Killer Points

We have been surfing the Internet for more than 10 years we know what the market need.

1) Our competitor offer you a similar website and even give you a login to check your sales order processed. They mail you a cheque ONLY if you hit their minimum amount e.g $50 or $100. That mean if you only manage to sell $20 or $30 you do not get paid and the webmaster get paid instead.

We do not give you a login to check your sales as all sales go direct into your paypal account. If you sell only $15 you get paid $15 into your paypal account immediately. We do not hold your money not even for 1 mins.

You can find out more on how paypal work at

2) Our competitor offer affiliate program like us but give reader/surfer a choice to sign up without making a purchase. You promote the products to your friend, your friend like the product but decided to CHEAT on it, that is he sign up as a affiliate members and make the purchase himself so he get 50% paid to himself and his product only cost 50%. The real benefit from this is the person who CHEAT and the webmaster. 

No one can become a member on our site unless they make a purchase we make sure no one CHEAT . 

3) Lot of people when they visit a site and decided to make a purchase. They do not like the idea of paying to the person who tell them the link probably because they don't like to paid the person who has been working so hard. That it you promote your site

they don't like it and go straight to make a purchase at

The person who benefit is the webmaster and not you. The webmaster has just steal your potential customer.

We work around this by offering discount on your website

Your customer visit (Costs $29.95)

decided to make a purchase from the webmaster direct (Costs $34.95)

before they make the purchase they notice our main page costs $5 more and they go back to your site and make a purchase. In this way both party benefit.

We are here to help you be successful, only when you are successful so are we.

How do you get Paid?

1) When you order, you have the option to sign up as a member and once you sign up as a member you will get your own url to promote.

2) Everytime someone make a purchase. They will have to make 2 payment. 1st payment will be paid directly to you paypal account. 2nd payment will be paid to us.

3) What this means is you get paid first before us and you get paid directly and the moment the payment is processed you get the money immediately in your paypal account.