Mirror Levitation

Rating : 7/10

Effect : Magician stands inside a box, two doors open to reveal the magician legs. The magician can be seen levitating off the ground. The magician then jumps out of the box and shuts the doors.

Secret Preparation : You need a box and a mirror.

Making the prop

Step 1 :

Get a cardboard box make sure it's big enough for you to stand in.

Step 2 :

You need to cut two doors in the front of the box, leave a gap a few inches all the way around the box.

Step 3:

Place the mirror at an angle, the reflective side of the mirror should be facing the two doors. You will need to adjust the mirror so it reflects the bottom right hand side of the box. Make sure the mirror is the same length as the box, otherwise spectators look through the opening will the edge of the mirror.

Step 4 :

Your prop should look something like the picture below.

Step 5 :

Your now ready to perform the trick, be sure that the spectator can't see inside the box otherwise they will see how the tricks is done. The ideal position of the box is to place it higher than the spectator eye view e.g on a table. Also make sure the doors are closed on the box before you begin.

Step 6:

To perform the trick you have to stand inside the box with your left leg next to mirror's reflective side. Put your right leg on the otherside of the mirror. This must look natural don't look down at your feet, otherwise the spectators will suspect something is going on.

Step 7 :

Open the two doors of the box. The spectator should see you standing there in the box.

Step 8 :

Bend your knees and slowly lift you left leg up and then slowly lower it, from the spectator view it will look like both legs are levitating off the ground.

Step 9 :

Once you have lowered you self you can either jump out of the box or shut the doors on the box and carry the box away.