Levitating spoon

This is a great one for dinner parties, weddings, etc. where cloth napkins are used. It can also be done with a dish towel.

You will also need a thin handled spoon and a fork. First, insert the handle of the spoon into the tines of the fork so that they create a 90 degree angle. Hold the napkin at the top two corners, with the corners between your middle and pointer fingers. Then, hold the fork handle (fork will be horizontal) with your thumb and other finger (behind the napkin) and move the spoon up and down as if it's dancing behind the napkin.

Another household item trick is to insert the eating end of a spoon into the tines of a fork, so that the two combined form an arch. Insert a toothpick in between the top opening of the fork tines, near where the fork and spoon are connected. Next, take a glass (must be a tall glass, not plastic) and put the toothpick so that the fulcrum of the toothpick is on the rim of the open end of the glass (you'll get the feel of it-it does take time to get the exact balancing point). Amazingly, the toothpick will balance with the fork and spoon hanging off the edge of the cup. I will also light both ends of the toothpick until they burn down to where the spoon and fork are connected, and to where it sits on the glass. You end up with a small "nub" of toothpick sitting on the edge of a glass holding up a fork and spoon contraption (any fork and spon will work).