Hover Card


Dan Harlan’s uncanny close-up card lev-itation. A card is shown and turned face up on the pack. You wave your hand over it and slowly, mysteriously it begins to float off the top of the deck. The movement continues until the card floats over one corner. You motion toward the card again and it gently floats up and back to the deck. The effect is so incredible, it must be seen to be believed. The card is turned over and handed out for examination. Entirely self-contained with no threads or wires to worry about.


Ordinary card is switched for a gimmicked duplicate which floats by means of a 'mechanical parellel hinge'. the gimmick consists of two cards; a double back card and a floating card. they are connected by the plastic rectangular hinge, hinged at its corners, this is what is needed to float the card, the rectangle is attached diagonallyso that the floating card floats at an angle and comes to rest upon one of the corners.

Yyou must learn how to hold the gimmick carefully or it will snap you need to tilt and tip the gimmick so gravity will cause it to swing out from the deck very slowly


H hold deck in left hand dealing grip put gimmick on top and place duplicate on top of that have gimmick face down on deck with pivot near left index finger, show the duplicate ordinary card-get break under gimmick and normal card, place duplicate face down, turn over all above the break so face of gimmick shows, all that is left to do is tilt the deck so the card floats

Explanation 2:

Basically it works on the same principle as the levitating money. You need a piece of plastic and this attaches two cards to each other. Take a strip of roughly the same size as in the floatnote, and fold it a quarter of the way in from each end. Now glue one end to the back of one card and the other to the back of another card so that they will fold flat together.Now take another card and glue it so the bottom card is double backed as in the diagram. This sounds complicated but you will have to try it. Have this on top of the deck, with the double backed card uppermost. To perform. Have the fake cards on top of the deck. Have a spectator choose a card and place it face up on the deck. Now turn the top three cards over so the gimmick card is the right way up. Tilt the deck forward and the card will rise off, tilt it even more and it will come to rest on the furthest edge of the deck, but this might expose the plastic if you leave it there to long. Then simply reverse the procedure, do another triple lift and give them back their card to keep.