Floating Paper Cup

Step 1:

First cut a strip out of the MOUTH of the cup about an inch and a half tall and as wide or a little bit shorter than your thumb.

Step 2:

Then put the cup on your hand and as you put the cup on your hand, let your thumb slide into the slit that you made, the cup should feel tight around your thumb for a reason, i will tell you what for later.

Step 3:

Then hold you hand on an angle so the fingers point very slightly towards the ground (so its not parellel with the ground) and then lift your thumb up about an inch or so and it looks like it is floating! TIPS: when you raise your thumb keep all the fingers on that hand togethr ( that makes it more deceptive and eliminates the idea that your thumb is under the cup) and also, put your other hand over the top of the cup and bring it away as the cup is raising and keep those fingers together also and when you lower the cup, slam your hand on top of it. I would like to learn the jacket levitation for giving you this please.