Floating Matchstick

Effect : Spectator examines a matchstick, the matchstick is then placed on a playing card. The magician bends the card the matchstick gradually levitates off the playing card. The magician then borrows a ring from a spectator and passes it through the matchstick.

Secret Preparation : Playing card, matchstick and of course some invisible thread.

Step 1 :

Wrap the invisible thread around the playing card, have the wire tied around the playing card at each end of the card.

Step 2:

Place the matchstick on the playing card

Step 3:

Now gradually bend the card inwards, as you begin to bend the card inward the matchstick will start to levitate off the playing card.

Step 4:

Using a ring pass it through the matchstick be careful not to catch the thread, just pass it above the thread.

Step 5 :

Lower the match stick then give the matchstick to the spectator for examination. If your really quick you can remove the invisible thread from the playing card and then show the playing card for exmination.