Fearson's Fabulous Floatation


His pants had a shell of plastic on one pant leg that that keeps the pants looking like his leg is in it even if it is not in it. His pant leg opened at the seem of his pants which let his leg slip out and hide behind the jacket.

His shoe was permanently hooked up to his pant leg that was altered so it would look as if nothing happened to leg and foot even though it is not in it!

He can walk right with the pants while he is not levitating because there is one band on his upper leg and there is another on his lower leg and they are connected by two metal rods that go down each side his knee.

The rods bend back but not forward so that when the shell is in the air it would not just hang their, his shoes also clip together so he can pull his leg and the shell can go in the air with no problem.

Performance: Take off the jacket and clip the shoes together behind the jacket, then pull the shell out with your left foot and hide the right leg behind the jacket. Appear to levitate by kind of moving around and keeping your body from shaking, bring the shell and your leg back behind the jacket put your right foot back into the pant leg and walk off. It is brilliant but is extremely hard to put together.

You should only get it if you are a full time magician.