Dancing Cane


The magician holds a cane in his/her hand. The magician then lets go of the cane and it becomes suspended in midair. The magician then moves his/her hands to the left and the cane follows. He does the same to the right. The magician then can move his/her hand around their body and the cane will follow.

Materials: A cane Invisible thread What to do:

1. Find the center of the cane. Drill a small hole through the cane a little above the center point.

2. Make a loop with the invisible thread through the hole to about an inch above the top of the cane.

3. Put your middle finger through the loop at the top and practice going back and forth from left to right for a while. Then you can start going around your arms, behind your back, or your whole body turning around with the cane.

Make sure you do this in a dimly lit room with no backlighting.